As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there are several auction companies in India that specialize in various fields, including art, antiques, real estate, vehicles, and more. Please note that there may have been developments or new companies that have emerged since then. Here are some well-known auction companies in India:

  1. Saffronart: Saffronart is a prominent auction house specializing in modern and contemporary Indian art, as well as jewelry and collectibles.
  2. Christie’s India: Christie’s, an internationally recognized auction house, also has a presence in India, hosting auctions for art, jewelry, watches, and more.
  3. Sotheby’s India: Similar to Christie’s, Sotheby’s is another global auction house that holds auctions in India, featuring art, jewelry, antiques, and other valuable items.
  4. Osian’s: Osian’s is known for its focus on Indian art, antiquities, and cultural heritage, conducting auctions and offering art-related services.
  5. Pundole’s: Pundole’s is one of the oldest auction houses in India, specializing in art, antiques, and collectibles.
  6. Bid & Hammer: This auction house deals with a wide range of items, including art, antiques, collectibles, and luxury items.
  7. Artiana: Artiana primarily focuses on online auctions of modern and contemporary South Asian art and collectibles.
  8. StoryLTD by Saffronart: StoryLTD is the online auction platform by Saffronart, offering auctions of art, collectibles, and luxury items.
  9. AstaGuru: AstaGuru is an online auction house that conducts auctions for art, jewelry, vintage cars, and luxury collectibles.
  10. South Indian Auctions: This auction house specializes in South Indian art, crafts, and antiques.
  11. Classical Numismatic Gallery: This gallery and auction house specializes in ancient coins, numismatic literature, and related artifacts.
  12. India Art Festival: While not a traditional auction house, the India Art Festival hosts art fairs that include sale exhibitions and auctions of artworks.

These are just a few examples of auction companies in India. Keep in mind that the information might have changed since my last update. If you’re looking for the most current and accurate information, I recommend checking online sources or directories that specialize in listing auction houses in India.

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