Best Auction Expert

Mr. Sandeep Tiwari

IT Head- Auction Department

  1. Research Online: Use search engines and professional networking platforms to look for auction experts in India. Websites, blogs, social media profiles, and LinkedIn can provide information about professionals with expertise in auctions.
  2. Industry Associations: Look for industry associations related to auctions and related sectors in India. These associations may have directories or resources that list experts in the field.
  3. Auction Houses: Established auction houses in India often have experts on staff who specialize in various types of auctions, such as art, antiques, real estate, and more. Contacting these auction houses might lead you to individuals with deep expertise.
  4. Seminars and Workshops: Check for seminars, workshops, and industry events related to auctions. Attending these events can help you meet and connect with experts in the field.
  5. Online Forums and Communities: Join online forums, discussion boards, or social media groups related to auctions. Engaging in these communities can help you learn from experts and potentially identify individuals with notable expertise.
  6. Consult with Professionals: If you have connections in related fields, such as real estate or art, they might be able to recommend experts in auctions.
  7. Consult with Legal and Financial Advisors: In some cases, legal and financial advisors might have recommendations for auction experts, especially if the auction involves significant assets.

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