While many auction software platforms come with costs due to their features and services, there are a few free options available for organizations with more limited budgets. Keep in mind that the features and capabilities of free auction software might be more limited compared to paid solutions. Here are a couple of free auction software options:

  1. AuctionSimplified: AuctionSimplified is an online auction platform designed for auto dealerships, but it can be used for other types of auctions as well. They offer a free version that includes basic auction management features, such as cataloging items and running online auctions.
  2. AuctionZip: AuctionZip provides a platform for live and online auctions across various categories. While primarily used by auction houses, it can also be used for fundraising auctions. AuctionZip offers free registration and listing of auctions, allowing you to promote your event.
  3. Silent Auction Pro (Free Trial): Silent Auction Pro offers a free trial of its auction management software, which includes features for item management, bidding, and reporting. While the trial is limited in duration, it can be useful for a one-time event.
  4. Easy.Auction: Easy.Auction is a platform that offers a free version with basic auction management features. It’s suitable for small organizations looking to set up simple online auctions.
  5. BiddingOwl: BiddingOwl provides a free basic plan for nonprofits. It includes features like mobile bidding, online cataloging, and payment processing. While the free plan has limitations, it can work for smaller events.

It’s important to carefully review the features and limitations of any free auction software you choose to ensure it meets your organization’s needs. Keep in mind that free options might have restrictions on the number of items, participants, or the duration of the auction. If your event is more complex or requires advanced features, you might want to consider investing in a paid solution that offers a more comprehensive set of tools.

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