There are several free online bidding software options available that allow you to conduct online auctions and manage bids without a cost. However, keep in mind that the features and capabilities of free software may be limited compared to paid solutions. Here are a few options for free online bidding software:

  1. AuctionMobility: AuctionMobility offers a free version of their auction platform that allows you to create online auctions and manage bids. While it’s free to use, some advanced features may require a paid subscription.
  2. BiddingOwl: BiddingOwl provides a free platform for nonprofits and individuals to run fundraising auctions online. The free version includes features such as item listings, bidding, and payment processing.
  3. 32auctions: 32auctions offers a free basic plan that allows you to create and manage online auctions. The free plan includes features for item listings, bidding, and reporting.
  4. AuctionWorx: AuctionWorx offers a free basic version of their online auction software with limited features. It’s suitable for smaller-scale auctions and allows you to manage items and bids.
  5. While primarily designed for schools and educational institutions, offers a free plan that allows you to conduct online auctions for fundraising purposes.
  6. Handbid: Handbid offers a free plan for nonprofit organizations that includes basic mobile bidding features for fundraising events.
  7. Auctria: Auctria offers a free plan with limited features for small fundraising auctions and events.
  8. BiddingForGood: BiddingForGood provides a free platform for nonprofit organizations to run online auctions and raise funds for their causes.

It’s important to carefully review the features and limitations of each free online bidding software to ensure it meets your needs. Keep in mind that while free options can be useful for smaller auctions or events, they might lack some advanced features and support that paid solutions offer. If your auction requirements are more complex or you need additional features, you might consider exploring paid options or investing in more robust auction software.

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