Keep in mind that the popularity of software can change over time, so it’s a good idea to do some current research to get the most up-to-date information. Here are a few education software that were popular in India:

  1. BYJU’S: An online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses for students from kindergarten to higher education. It’s known for its interactive video lessons and personalized learning approach.
  2. Unacademy: This platform provides online courses and lessons from educators on a variety of subjects, including academic courses, competitive exams, and skill development.
  3. Toppr: Focused on preparing students for various entrance exams in India, Toppr offers adaptive learning content and practice tests for subjects like engineering, medical, and school curriculum.
  4. Vedantu: An interactive online tutoring platform that connects students with teachers in real-time, offering personalized learning experiences.
  5. Meritnation: Meritnation provides study material, interactive exercises, and live classes for CBSE and ICSE school curriculum subjects.
  6. Embibe: This platform uses AI and data analytics to provide personalized learning and exam preparation resources, especially for engineering and medical entrance exams.
  7. UpGrad: While originally more focused on professional courses, UpGrad also offers various higher education and skill development courses that could appeal to the Indian audience.
  8. Edukart: It offers a variety of online courses in collaboration with universities and institutes, covering fields like management, IT, finance, and more.
  9. EdX and Coursera: While not India-specific, these platforms offer a wide range of online courses from universities around the world, including Indian institutions.
  10. WhiteHat Jr: Focused on teaching coding to kids, this platform gained popularity for its engaging curriculum and one-on-one online classes.

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