some popular auction software that were widely used in India up to that time. Please note that rankings and popularity can change over time, so it’s essential to research the latest information before making any decisions. Here are some auction software platforms that were known for their popularity and functionality in India:


  1. AuctionSpear
  2. Merkeleon
  3. BidJS
  4. EzyAuctioin
  5. ReadySetAuction
  6. Online Auction Software (OAS)
  7. BiddingOwl
  8. AuctionMethod
  9. RainWorx Auction Software
  10. 32auctions
  11. Auction Flex
  12. Bidlogix
  13. Silent Auction Pro
  15. Handbid
  16. Auctria (formerly known as Charity Auction Organizer)
  17. AuctionZoom
  18. ClickBid
  19. Gavelgo

Always remember to do thorough research, read reviews, compare features, and consider your specific needs before selecting any auction software. Additionally, some of these platforms might have evolved or been replaced by newer alternatives, so it’s best to check for recent reviews and testimonials to ensure their current reputation and reliability.

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