Software popularity and availability can change over time, and new options may have emerged since then.

However, I can provide you with a few more billing software options that were known up to that point, in addition to the ones mentioned earlier:

  1. MProfit: MProfit is financial management and portfolio tracking software that can also handle billing and invoicing for businesses.
  2. Reach Accountant: Reach Accountant offers various business management features, including billing, accounting, and inventory management.
  3. HDPOS Smart: HDPOS Smart is a comprehensive software that includes billing, inventory, and accounting features.
  4. Invoicera: Invoicera is an online invoicing and billing software that allows businesses to create and manage invoices easily.
  5. Cleartax: Cleartax provides GST-compliant billing and invoicing solutions for businesses in India.
  6. Gen GST: Gen GST is software designed specifically for GST compliance, including billing and invoicing features.
  7. Giddh: Giddh is an accounting and invoicing software suitable for small businesses and startups.
  8. InvoicePlane: InvoicePlane is an open-source software for creating and managing invoices.
  9. MARG ERP 9+: In addition to its billing features, MARG ERP 9+ offers comprehensive business management solutions.
  10. AlignBooks: AlignBooks provides billing, accounting, and inventory management features for businesses.

Please make sure to research and verify the current options by checking recent sources, reading reviews, and considering your specific business needs before choosing a billing software for your business in India.

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