It’s important to do your own research and check the current status of these companies before making any decisions. Here are five online auction software companies that were notable at the time:

  1. Merkeleon: Merkeleon offers online auction and trading platform solutions. They provide customizable auction software that can be tailored to various industries and business models.
  2. eSellerPro: eSellerPro (now part of Volo Commerce) provides a multi-channel e-commerce platform that includes auction management. It’s designed to help businesses sell products across various online marketplaces, including auctions.
  3. PHP Pro Bid: PHP Pro Bid is an online auction and e-commerce platform that allows users to create and manage online auctions. It offers various features such as bidding, user management, payment integration, and more.
  4. RainWorx Software: RainWorx provides online auction and marketplace solutions that are suitable for a wide range of industries. Their platform includes features like customizable templates, payment processing, inventory management, and reporting.
  5. offers auction and marketplace software that can be used for both online and live auctions. They provide solutions for various industries and offer features like customizable templates, bidding, auction cataloging, and reporting.

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