The auction of cardamom typically takes place in regions where cardamom is cultivated and traded extensively. Some of the primary regions known for cardamom production and auctions include:

  1. India: Cardamom is extensively cultivated in the southern states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. The Spices Board of India, a government agency responsible for the promotion and export of spices, oversees the auction of cardamom through its auction centers located in major cardamom-growing regions such as Kumily, Bodinayakanur, and Vandanmedu.
  2. Guatemala: Guatemala is one of the largest producers of cardamom globally. Auctions are conducted in various cardamom-producing regions, including Alta Verapaz, Quetzaltenango, and Huehuetenango.
  3. Sri Lanka: Cardamom is grown in regions such as Matale, Kandy, and Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka. The Colombo Tea Auction, one of the largest tea auctions in the world, also includes auctions for other spices such as cardamom.
  4. Other Countries: Cardamom auctions may also take place in other countries where cardamom is cultivated, such as Nepal, Tanzania, and Vietnam. These auctions are typically conducted by local trading associations, government agencies, or private auction houses.

In these auction centers, cardamom growers, traders, wholesalers, exporters, and buyers gather to participate in the auction process, facilitating the trading of cardamom in bulk quantities. The auctions play a crucial role in price discovery, market transparency, and facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers in the cardamom industry.

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